Type ELH105 Submersible Wide Angle Sensing Head

The Type ELH105 Submersible Wide Angle Sensing Head is a robust unit with an Aluminium Bronze housing which is resistant to corrosion in the marine environment. A choice of connectors is available giving protection against submersion to depths exceeding 100metres. The housing contains all the necessary drive electronics to measure the angle of the sensor.


The angle reading is available at the output connector in various forms to suit different applications.
For example the output can be
    analogue current     4-20mA;     for driving long cables
    analogue voltage     2.0 Volts    for general purpose use
    digital serial output    for input to computer systems
The digital output at RS232 /RS485 levels consists of a synchronising ASCII character followed by the measured angle as a series of ASCII coded numbers.
The data is continuously transmitted while the device is powered up.
Alternative output coding is available to special order.

To achieve the highest specifications the system monitors the temperature of the sensor, and uses the result to correct for zero drift and scale drift.
For optimum performance the sensor should thus be in thermal equilibrium with its surroundings

The Type ELH105 Submersible Wide Angle Sensing Head is available in a variety of range and accuracy specifications from range 30 to 60 with accuracy from 0.1 to 1. Applications The ELH105 Submersible Sensing Head has been used in a number of severe environment applications including monitoring of Anchor chains for offshore oil production platforms and various sub-sea alignment and positioning tasks

SPECIFICATION           ELH105 Submersible Wide Angle Sensing Head Family

Total Angular Range

Threshold and resolution


Null repeatability

Error Band

Cross axis error

Natural Frequency


Temperature range     operating

Temperature coefficient of zero

Temperature coefficient of scale





Output options


Cable type





General Arrangement

from ±30° to ±60° full scale depending on variant



to 0.05°

from ±0.1° (with internal compensation) to
±1° depending on variant

±1% up to 45° cross axis angle

0.4 Hz

-20° C to + 70° C

0.01° /C°

0.1% /C°

Up to IP68 depth 100 metres depending on connector

12-24Volts DC regulated 5%

40mA MAX

4-20mA custom scale
±2.0 Volts
RS232 digital

Military,Submersible and Explosion proof available

Various to suit connector typically DEF STAN 61-12-6C

Aluminium Bronze rated for long term exposure to a marine environment


4 off holes tapped M6

See Dwg B15530

All specifications herein were in effect on the date of this publication. Equipment supplied however,may differ from that specificied due to Tilt Measurement's policy of continual product improvement. The equipment described herein is manufactured in the UK.

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