Naval Alignment System Midas04.gif

Eliminates dry dock distortion

No dry dock costs /queueing

Quick turn-round for repairs


Rapidly and Accurately Align Weapon Platforms and Fire Control Systems

Tilt Tests performed to the highest accuracy

Gyro Performance Testing

Azimuth Alignment with no line of sight

Computer controlled Data Collection speeds operation

Wide range of accessories simplifies accurate measurements

MIDAS, developed by specialist transducer company Tilt Measurement Limited is a complete carefully engineered system comprising a comprehensive hardware package, incorporating the most accurate tilt sensors available, matched with a complete suite of operating procedures packaged in easy to use Windows (TM) compatible software. The operating procedures and techniques have been developed and evolved over 25 years by Tilt Measurement engineers. There are many hidden errors arising from the complex interactions of ships motions and clinometers which other Naval Alignment systems ignore. MIDAS procedures reduce or eliminate these errors, so the alignment data produced is the right data. MIDAS covers the whole range of equipment installation and alignments covering ±90 ° in elevation and the full 360 ° in azimuth, all to an accuracy measured in arc seconds. Using Electronic Theodolites, Clinometers and similar equipment, any user defined alignment operation can be programmed into the system and used and re-used. collected data can be stored for later review, printed out in full colour with appropriate charts and graphs, together with fully documented reports.


Data Collection Unit

Interconnecting cables

Sine bar



Typical specification

Laptop PC


        Hard Disc


      CD ROM drive


OR      Force-balance




5 second
5 seconds

User Selected


Pentium 500MHz
128Mbytes RAM

6 Gbytes

13.3" TFT SVGA

24 x
'A' type range ±0.5°
'C' type range ±5.0°

Selected to suit application

Eight channels standard
upgradeable to sixteen

PS2 P22

±5 ° calibrated

1 minute
30 seconds

(modified to accept
MIDAS accessories)

Direct LCD reading to 1 arc-second

(specification upgraded regularly)
All specifications herein were in effect on the date of this publication. Equipment supplied however,may differ from that specificied due to Tilt Measurement's policy of continual product improvement. The equipment described herein is manufactured in the UK.

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