When an ELECTROLEVEL sensor is accelerated in a direction normal to its measuring axis in the horizontal plane, the resultant of this acceleration and the acceleration due to gravity determine the position of the bubble and hence the output produced by the electronic signal conditioning unit

The effective angle measured is:

  q eff=arctan ( - acceleration / g)

which for small accelerations reduces to:

  q eff = - acceleration / g (in radians)

How an ELECTROLEVEL senses an acceleration

How an ELECTROLEVEL senses an acceleration

The dynamic response to the ELECTROLEVEL is equivalent to a simple pendulum of a given natural frequency and damping factor.
The frequency response characteristic extends from zero (steady state) to a few Hertz.
The mechanical properties of the ELECTROLEVEL -
  • high resolution,
  • resistance to shock (up to 500g repetitive shocks ) and high frequency vibrations,
  • true dc response,
make it an attractive alternative to piezo-electric sensors and strain gauge type sensors for measurements in the low frequency range.

ELECTROLEVEL Schematic Diagram

ELECTROLEVEL Schematic System

Typically a set of ELECTROLEVEL equipment consists of a Sensing Head and Electronic Signal Conditioning Unit which may be separated by a distance of up to 100 metres. A variety of Sensing heads and Signal Conditioning Units cater for most applications. Special designs can also be supplied. The equipment can be calibrated in units to suit the applications, e.g. milli 'g' units.


The measurement of sway in tall structures is one of the applications of the ELECTROLEVEL in its role as an accelerometer.
The relationship between acceleration of the structure to the measured wind loading conditions can be used to determine the dynamic characteristic of the structure and foundations.
Theoretical design parameters can be compared with empirical data.

There are a number of applications for the use of the ELECTROLEVEL as an accelerometer in connection with the testing of road and rail vehicles.
The following measurements may be made: The ELECTROLEVEL may also be used as a sensor in a servo control loop for automatic braking etc.

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