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Tilt Measurement Limited
Specialists in Precision Angle Measurement


Company Information


Tilt Measurement was founded in 1975
The Founders still work for the Company and apply the skills and experience they have gained over the last quarter century to solving customer's problems in the field of making precise measurements of Tilt angles.


All of Tilt Measurement's business operations are handled from their own modern premises in the South East of the UK.

Market Area

Tilt Measurement has an installed customer base which covers the whole world, including Antarctica, the arctic zone and all continents and latitudes in between.


During design and development of new equipment TILT MEASUREMENT LIMITED applies a wide range of skills and experience to the various design problems encountered.
Experience drawn from previous similar applications is of course very important. TILT MEASUREMENT LIMITED employees have been involved in producing attitude measuring and control systems for over 40 years.
In addition, frequent use is made of practical and theoretical knowledge in the following fields:-
Materials Science, Metallurgy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Systems Design, Electronic Circuit Design and Semi-conductor Technology.
Extensive use is made of computer techniques both for carrying out the theoretical evaluation of designs, and their supporting calculations, and as a documentation tool. For example calibration results stored on a database can be statistically analysed, as an aid to long term quality and reliability assurance
We maintain facilities for development of Application Software (High Level Languages), Embedded Real Time Software (High Level and Assembler Level Languages), and Digital Signal Processing (High Level and Assembler Level Languages).


Australian Defence Industries Ltd
B P Petroleum
British Gas
British Nuclear Fuels
British Steel
Canadian Department of Defence
E M I Electronics
European Space Agency
Government of India
Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope
UK Ministry of Defense (Navy)
National Power
Rolls Royce
Italian Navy
Danish Navy
Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough
Scottish Power
Shell Tankers
South of Scotland Electricity
Swan Hunter Shipbuilders
Thames Water
Universities including:-
Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton,
Imperial College etc.
EADS Astrium
Motherwell Bridge Co
Korean Aerospace Research Institute
B P Tankers International
British Aerospace
British Hovercraft Corporation
British Rail
Building Research Establishment
National Power
Esso Petroleum
G E C Marconi
Harwich International Ports
London Underground
UK Ministry of Defence (Army)
Nuclear Power plc
Royal Australian Navy
French Navy
Belgian Navy
Brunei Navy
Rutherford & Appleton Laboratory
Seven & Trent Water
Shell International
Sultanate of Oman
Taylor Woodrow
Thorn E M I
US Army Corps of Engineers
Vosper Thornycroft Ltd
Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd
Intespace SA
AW-Energy Oy
Cobham Advanced Composites
Single Buoy Moorings SA
Alabama Electric Cooperative Inc

Last Updated: 8th February 2022

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