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MIDAS Naval Alignment System

MIDAS short for Marine Inclination Differential Alignment System is a specially developed set of equipment designed to allow the various parts of a Naval Weapon System to be precisely aligned together.

MIDAS is the ORIGINAL Precision Naval Alignment System
in use all over the world

MIDAS is a complete, carefully engineered system comprising a comprehensive hardware package, incorporating the most accurate tilt sensors available, matched with a complete suite of operating procedures packaged in easy to use Windows (TM) compatible software. The operating procedures and techniques have been developed and evolved over 25 years by Tilt Measurement engineers.
MIDAS covers the whole range of equipment installation and alignments covering ± 90 ° in elevation and the full 360 ° in azimuth, all to an accuracy measured in arc seconds.
Using Electronic Theodolites, Clinometers and similar equipment, any user defined alignment operation can be programmed into the system and used and re-used.
Collected data can be stored for later review, printed out in full colour with appropriate charts and graphs, together with fully documented reports.

MIDAS is a highly refined system and too complex to adequately cover in a web page.
More technical detail is available from the data sheet (click below),

or if your interests cover

        Surveying tasks on floating structures
        Naval Weapon Alignment
        Fire Control System Testing

Then please contact us for a full technical discussion of your requirements.

Last Updated: 8th February 2022

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