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Tilt Measurement Limited
Specialists in Precision Angle Measurement


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We are a UK-based company which specialises in measuring the Tilt angle (Inclination) of absolutely anything with respect to Gravity.
We do this using a variety of Electronic Spirit Levels called Inclinometers, Tilt Transducers or Tilt Sensors.
We use Electronics to collect and store the measurements and to process the results for controlling, monitoring and recording how things are moving, settling, rocking, rolling, or falling over.
We sell our equipment all over the world.

What kind of things is this important for?
  • Buildings settling, moving because of earthquake, wind or floods - especially if the results of building failure count as a major disaster like a dam or a nuclear power station
  • Ships at sea pitching and rolling when you're trying to land a helicopter on deck in bad weather-oil rigs too.
  • Safety critical systems on cranes, load jacks, bridge ramps, hydraulic lifts.
  • Guidance systems for Tunnelling machines, Drills, Pile drivers

In short nearly any application where something is moving can be monitored and controlled with a Tilt Sensor
Tilt Measurement Limited produce systems and sensors with great resistance to adverse environments covering severe impact shock and vibration.
Where equipment must function 24x7x52 with no failures or glitches we design for ultra high reliability, long life, and low maintenance.
We manufacture the original ELECTROLEVEL high accuracy Tilt Sensor which is in use all over the world.
We apply a wide ranging experience to solving our customer's problems either with off the shelf solutions, or a custom designed solution which solves the customer's exact problem in the most cost effective way.

Tilt Measurement Limited
Horizon House
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Last Updated: March 31st, 2011

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